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The Lodge of Antiquity No. 11 is located at 1900 Brentwood Road
Brentwood NY 11717

Chartered in 1858;
The Lodge of Antiquity No. 11
has been a staple of the Brentwood Community since 1969.

Memorial Garden

Have your name “CUT IN STONE”

bricksThe Antiquity Masonic Historical society and the Lodge of Antiquity No. 11 is sponsoring an engraved brick campaign to raise funds for our community service fund. Please join us by having your name “CUT IN STONE” for your child, family or to honor someone.

The cost of each standard brick is: $50.00 – This includes up to 3 lines with a maximum of 16 characters per line.

  • Send order form and check to:
    AMHS Brick Program
    PO BOX 374
    Brentwood NY 11717
  • For more information call:
    The Lodge of Antiquity No. 11
    (631) 435-1543

(The Antiquity Masonic Historical Society is a 501-C organization and all donations are tax deductible.)

Grand Lodge of the state of New York


 About us


The Master’s Gavel, as we know it, helps govern the craft and maintains order in the Lodge. The Lodge of Antiquity #11 is honored with a Master’s Gavel that has a significant history.

Gutzon Borglum, the famous American sculptor who planned and began the well-known Mt. Rushmore Memorial in South Dakota, passed on to The Great Architect of the Universe before completing it. His son finished the massive memorial after his father’s death.

Gutzon Borglum was a Mason and a member of Howard Lodge #35 of The First Manhattan District in New York City. He was raised on June 10, 1904.

Howard Lodge merged with Prince of Orange Lodge, then in April 1983, Howard and Prince of Orange merged with The Lodge of Antiquity #11. They brought with them a Gavel which was sculptured by Gutzon Borglum.

The Gavel as you see it above is that of a Lions Paw in bronze, clutching a stone. The stone is said to have come from the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

We at The Lodge of Antiquity No. 11, take great pride being the custodians of such a monumental artifact of masonic memorabilia. The Masters of the Lodge take great pride in using his Gavel at all masonic degrees and on special occasions, such as A District Deputy visitation and all award presentations. At our annual public installations and at the annual open house of The Antiquity Masonic historical society, the gavel is given a prominent place and a short history is given to those in attendance on the historical significance of this priceless sculpture.

The Holy Bible that George Washington took his oath of office on belongs to St. johns Lodge No. 1, and is always accompanied by two members of that lodge when the Bible travels.

So too, do we require two members of our lodge travel with “The Master’s Gavel … Lion’s Paw” on all requests for an informational visit to any Lodge.

We at The Lodge of Antiquity No. 11 thank you for your interest in our pride and joy …
The Gutzon Borglum Gavel “Lion’s Paw”.